Roger Rosen Testimonial

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If you’re facing into legal questions, legal disputes, or the dreaded lawsuit… and you’re looking for legal advice from a lawyer who will be your “Yes Man,” tells you what you want to hear despite facts and laws that may be against you… and to the contrary, sees his mission as making sure you feel good when you shouldn’t, then read no further.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in hiring counsel who will be honest, thorough, hard-working, will work in a laser-focused manner when the going gets tough, and can be creative, then read on.

The Case Study about real estate law recited on this website is a story in which I took part. Yes, I was one of the fortunate heirs to my grandparent’s estates, a testament to the accomplishments of Russian immigrants who came to this country with nothing but a desire to protect and support the family, to be good citizens, to work diligently, and to provide for future generations.

Michael took the time to learn about their quest, and the family’s history so as to better understand how to help us with multiple complex legal issues which were generationally different than those of grandma and grandpa. All too often, family members were pulling in different directions. He worked diligently and tirelessly until he had a better grasp of the legal/factual issues in our case, more so than some of the family members, several of whom were attorneys themselves. And as the old saying goes, “Who’s a lawyer’s worst nightmare for a client? Another lawyer.” And in the end we all crossed home plate together.

Michael guided us through some foggy, dark, cold, and unpleasant legal climates; he provided some excellent advice regarding our options, drilled down deeply to make sure that we were always ahead of the curve, and treated us with respect, care, concern, and kindness. I have used his legal services on a number of other matters involving business law and potential civil litigation, and have come away each and every time truly satisfied that I had been given excellent representation, regardless of the end result(s).

I am pleased to scribe these remarks on behalf of a good person, a true problem solver, and a fine lawyer. 

Roger Rosen